About Us

About Us

Art & Design Girona is born from the traditional and prestigious industry of religious imagery. Through R&D, we have expanded to other sectors. Currently, we design and manufacture for renowned brands and famous chefs, we reproduce sculptures of famous artists, and we collaborate with design and architecture studios awarded with national and international prizes.

At Art & Design Girona we apply new technologies without losing the essence of traditional manufacturing techniques.

A unique and ideal formula that allows us to offer the benefits of tradition and innovation: manufacturing fully customizable in geometry, size or finish and complete flexibility in the quantities reproduced, from one unit to large runs.

It is this constant search for new applications that has led us to discover and manufacture unique materials. It is the know-how of hours of research and experimentation that makes us create geometries that seem impossible and finishings with materials that challenge standardized manufacturing techniques.

Exploration until excellence.

Why choose us?


In our team, we have got specialized professionals by sector, material and type of manufacturing to be able to offer a wide range of materials, techniques and finishes that fit your project and budget. We take care of all aspects of manufacturing, from the mould to the packaging of the piece or installation, maintaining our high quality standards throughout the process.


We apply exhaustive quality controls to all the pieces and we provide the signed pieces, with serial number and certificate of authenticity.


We put at your disposal our internal design team. If you already have got one, we adapt to your design and development process. We offer multiple prototyping techniques, both traditional and digital. We collaborate with architects, designers, artists and sculptors.


Flexibility in techniques and quantities of manufacturing. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team we offer multiple solutions for your projects. We make from unit fabrications to long units runs.